John Munson II

Katy is a vivacious, energetic, well-respected, well-credentialed, and caring drum circle leader. Did I mention energetic? As a leader, she moves the rhythm and motivates the players through complex rhythmic patterns, producing an ecstatic experience that can only be participatorily understood. In short, she is AWESOME as are her events!

John Munson II

Linnette Lander

Katy’s energy and generosity and ability to gather and inspire others created the most unified and centered evening with a diverse group of random members of the public that I’ve been privileged to be part of in a long long time.

Linnette Lander

Shira Elrich

Katy is a first-rate drum circle facilitator. She has a gift for welcoming all types of people of all ages, and bringing them together through the spirit and magic of the drum. Her Wednesday Night Drum Jam is a community blessing.

Shira Elrich

Rhonda Raven Neuhaus

Katy is living her calling. She brings drum circles to communities, healing retreats, 4th of July gatherings, businesses and non-profits to offer the power of the drum. Under Katy’s mindful presence she teaches beats, raises the energy high and can bring a room to stillness and peace. Her facilitation is flawless, filled with Love and a Joy to witness. I highly recommend her services.

Rhonda Raven Neuhaus, Spiral Healing by Raven

Marilyn Balcombe

I’ve had the great pleasure of drumming with Katy in a number of settings – the now famous Wednesday Night Drum Jams, the Greenbelt Drum Festival and at a more intimate Wellness Rhythm Circle with my women’s group. It’s hard to pick my favorite, but drumming in the National Cathedral has to be right up there as a top life event. Katy is a phenomenal facilitator. I am a relatively new drummer and from the very first drumming experience Katy has been warm, inclusive, and full of joy. Her energy is infectious and she is expert at getting a group of individuals to come together as one circle. She’s great!!

Marilyn Balcombe, President of Gaithersburg Germantown Chamber of Commerce

Michele Johnson-Weider

Thank you so much for playing my birthday party yesterday! I know it was a tough crowd of people who hadn’t drummed before and the acoustics of that echo chamber rec center were challenging. Despite that, you provided exactly the experience I was hoping for and I had such a good time!!! I was really grateful for your positive energy and bright smile and wonderful engagement. It was a marvelous party.

Michele Johnson-Weider

Robin Pachtman

It was so delightful having you.  I would have you often if I can.

Robin Pachtman, Librarian, Aspen Hill Library

Maria Salehi

I was showing a video of Ishaaga at the drum circle to an occupational therapist at work. She was so excited and she recognized you and Mark from a circle you did for parks and planning. Her son has some disabilities and she said he had an amazing time with her son at the drum circle.

Maria Salehi, Teacher

Emily Lawrence

The drum circle event that you facilitated with my teens with disabilities over the summer (July 15th @ PG Ballroom) was so successful that I would love to schedule another event with you and your grandmother drum!

Emily Lawrence, Therapeutic Recreation Program Coordinator, Central Area, Maryland-National Capital Parks and Planning Commission, Department of Parks & Recreation, Prince George’s County, Special Programs Division

Parish Hawkins

You were AWESOME !!! As well as your team! It was unbelievable. Thank you again for being ever so present, especially during the lockdown! I’m so sorry about that.

Parish Hawkins, Recreational Programmer, Camp Springs Senior Activity Center, Department of Parks and Recreation, M-NCPPC/SPD

Ruth Frey

A HUGE thank you for a fantastic experience at the Cathedral on Tuesday night.  As you know, we had 700 souls participate.  WOW!  Would you please extend our thanks to your crew for their great work?   I am so grateful for your leadership.  I love the way you invite people into prayer and connection in such a hospitable and open way.  And you really “get” the Seeing Deeper concept and the Cathedral as a place of prayer for all people.  It is fantastic!

Ruth Frey, Former Director of Programs, Washington National Cathedral

Kris Roth

Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful experience at the Cathedral last night. I had some difficulty making out all of your words due to my hearing issues but I caught the drift of much of what you said about our heartbeats, healing, listening, silence, the sacred space we were together in, Imbolc and Brigid and it was so moving and beautiful. You are truly a leader, a healer and a healing presence, a wise woman and a bad-ass!

Kris Roth

Carol Edwards

HOW MARVELOUS to meet u and have alllllll that drumming going on at Westminster Presbyterian Church last Sunday. You directed the group beautifully and I think all participants, preschoolers to grandparents, were uplifted by the activities of the day. Certainly took us out of that staid box we sometimes feel comfortable in. Unfortunately you’ve created a monster — my 2 grandkids are walking around INTENTIONALLY drumming…not just banging on any ol’ thing…but INTENTIONALLY drumming. awesome! 🙂

Carol Edwards

Donna Anstee

I was able to participate in the singing, ringing, & drumming event at Westminster Pres in West Chester, PA Sat. I thoroughly enjoyed learning to play the drums, hearing the heartbeat of God, and offering thanksgiving via music. Thank you for sharing.

Donna Anstee

Susan Racine Passmore

At our Health Equity Drum Circle, Katy helped to facilitate our attempt at the world largest drum circle!  Katy was perfect for the task.  She brings unbounded energy and enthusiasm to everything she does. We are so thankful to have Katy on our team.  She has been a tireless supporter of our work to promote equity in health and well-being in Maryland.

Susan Racine Passmore, PhD Project Director, Maryland Center for Health Equity for event Health Equity Drum Circle: Drum Beats for Health and Wellness, April 2014

Brian Butler

Katy Gaughan’s Drum Circle is an experience not to be missed. They have performed for our 4th of July Celebration for six consecutive years, and each time they end with more flare. Katy’s energy resonates throughout the crowd, while the drummers tap their way into the minds of all in attendance. By allowing the audience to participate with dance, drums and many other instruments, the circle is elevated to another level filled with Love, Laughter, Pride, and Unity. This is an experience not to missed.

Brian Butler, Greenbelt Recreation 

Carole Crumley

Your presence and leadership at the Shalem Society were such a blessing. Thank you for making the early morning effort and for such an inspired session. Your leadership just gets richer and deeper and more loving (if possible). It was a joy to be with you in this way.

Carole Crumley, Senior Program Director, Shalem Institute

Laura Bratton

The drumming was a good experience for me. In loud situations I lose my spatial perception because of the volume of noise. So I did not know how it was going to go. It went great! I was able to focus on the rhythm of the different instruments and enjoy it. Since we were not trying to talk or move around it was not a problem at all! You set such a welcoming and energetic atmosphere that I was not worried about anything! I knew if I was confused about something it would not matter.  so thank you for a great session!

Laura Bratton, a blind participant in a drum circle for Shalem Institute

Rev. Janet P Salbert

Katy brings a rich joy and spiritual depth to the amazing art of drumming! Her leadership in a group promotes an increased self-awareness while building community relationships through a shared rhythm experience. A drum circle is a creative expression of energy, harmony and hope. No musical experience is necessary and all age groups benefit. Katy has helped our church build collaborative relationships with staff, increased energy and healing amongst our caregivers, and created space for cooperation and understanding with our youth and lay leadership.

Rev. Janet P Salbert, Grace UMC, Manassas, VA

Amethyst Dwyer

I have worked with Katy Gaughan professionally for several years with drum circle events in the D.C. metropolitan region. She consistently brings a high level of skill, experience, organization, joy and enthusiasm to everything she touches and the feedback that I have received from participants invariably reflect this.

Amethyst Dwyer, Manager & Music Coordinator, New Deal Café

Katie Archibald-Woodward

It was so great to meet you and I thoroughly enjoyed the drum circle and the marvelous way you illuminated the connections between our actions and spiritual experience. Such a rich and enlivening experience!

Katie Archibald-Woodward, Shalem Spiritual Guidance Program participant

David Robinson

Thank you so much for last night’s drum session.  For a person with truly no sense of timing you gave me the gift of being able to be in a drum circle and feel safe as well as to have the opportunity to explore and experiment.  Just wonderful!  You are a great teacher.

David Robinson, Shalem Spiritual Guidance Program participant

Liz Ward

Katy Gaughan has consistently received rave reviews for her dynamic facilitation of drum circles for the Shalem Spiritual Guidance Program.  Her session on Praise, Thanksgiving and Movement Meditation has been prayerful, engaging, well organized, and profound for the participants.  She has helped the participants experience the oneness flowing through diversity in concrete, tangible ways while also having great fun and learning more about the gifts of drumming.  She is a remarkably gifted facilitator of drum circles who easily connects to participants of all ages and backgrounds and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer others.  I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Liz Ward, Director Shalem Spiritual Guidance Program

Sr. Patti Rossi

Just a short note to express my gratitude for such a wonderful retreat.   It truly was beyond my expectation of the retreat but also of my own personal expectation which proved “I can drum!”   It was an impressive time for me…and silence was such a gift…just to be away from the maddening crowd…and to spend time in Rolling Ridge, a sacred space…sacred place.   Thank you for your work…above all for your energy.   Have your ears been buzzing?  I have not stop talking about my Sound and Silence Retreat.  Extending the retreat for three days added to the beauty and silence that renewed my spirit.  Thanks a million!

Sr. Patti Rossi

Mary Ann Welter

After hearing Katy drum at an event, I was eager to experience her magic, first-hand.   Knowing of her interest in spirituality and silence, we began a dialogue to craft a wilderness retreat that would incorporate both sound and silence. Katy is a performer and amazing drummer who can bring everyone into her circles, regardless of past experience. At “Sound and Silence” retreats, Katy has shared the deeper power and gift of drumming as meditative art, spiritual grounding, and builder of contemplative community. I’m grateful for the simple gift and profound reverberations of “Sound and Silence.” I’m grateful, too, for Katy’s vision, skills, and leadership.

Mary Ann Welter, Still Point Mountain Retreat Manager

Rachel Shar

Katy and her assistant did a drum circle with our students from ages 3 through 13. For every age and grade she was able to bring the rhythm to life in just the perfect way. No two drum circles were the same because no two groups of kids were the same. Although each child experienced it in a different way, the kids in our school definitely went home saying that the drum circle was the best part of their special day!

Rachel Shar, Ohr Chadash Academy

Chana Kaplan

Katy is the absolute best drum instructor/company we have ever worked with! She has a talent to engage every type of crowd. All ages -all abilities -everyone absolutely loves when Katy comes! She comes highly recommended

Chana Kaplan, Friendship Circle Maryland