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Marilyn Balcombe

I’ve had the great pleasure of drumming with Katy in a number of settings – the now famous Wednesday Night Drum Jams, the Greenbelt Drum Festival and at a more intimate Wellness Rhythm Circle with my women’s group. It’s hard to pick my favorite, but drumming in the National Cathedral has to be right up… Learn More >>

Rhonda Raven Neuhaus

Katy is living her calling. She brings drum circles to communities, healing retreats, 4th of July gatherings, businesses and non-profits to offer the power of the drum. Under Katy’s mindful presence she teaches beats, raises the energy high and can bring a room to stillness and peace. Her facilitation is flawless, filled with Love and… Learn More >>

Shira Elrich

Katy is a first-rate drum circle facilitator. She has a gift for welcoming all types of people of all ages, and bringing them together through the spirit and magic of the drum. Her Wednesday Night Drum Jam is a community blessing. Shira Elrich Learn More >>

Linnette Lander

Katy’s energy and generosity and ability to gather and inspire others created the most unified and centered evening with a diverse group of random members of the public that I’ve been privileged to be part of in a long long time. Linnette Lander Learn More >>

John Munson II

Katy is a vivacious, energetic, well-respected, well-credentialed, and caring drum circle leader. Did I mention energetic? As a leader, she moves the rhythm and motivates the players through complex rhythmic patterns, producing an ecstatic experience that can only be participatorily understood. In short, she is AWESOME as are her events! John Munson II Learn More >>