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Mary Ann Welter

After hearing Katy drum at an event, I was eager to experience her magic, first-hand.   Knowing of her interest in spirituality and silence, we began a dialogue to craft a wilderness retreat that would incorporate both sound and silence. Katy is a performer and amazing drummer who can bring everyone into her circles, regardless of past experience. At “Sound and Silence” retreats, Katy has shared the deeper power and gift of drumming as meditative art, spiritual grounding, and builder of contemplative community. I’m grateful for the simple gift and profound reverberations of “Sound and Silence.” I’m grateful, too, for Katy’s vision, skills, and leadership.

Mary Ann Welter, Still Point Mountain Retreat Manager

Sr. Patti Rossi

Just a short note to express my gratitude for such a wonderful retreat.   It truly was beyond my expectation of the retreat but also of my own personal expectation which proved “I can drum!”   It was an impressive time for me…and silence was such a gift…just to be away from the maddening crowd…and to spend… Learn More >>